Saturday, February 7, 2009


It has been far too long since a post. Alas, rotations, travel, etc. have kept me occupied.

This post is about STUFF. And you know what I'm talking about.

I didn't think I'd ever own 1000 bibs. But right now, I might just. I am super excited about this child, and I know that women have a need to "Nest" that men just can't at all understand. Jaynah and I are in a unique situation in that right now we don't know where we'll be living right after the baby is born and so our hands are really tied when it comes to preparing a nursery. We do, however, have a closet now dedicated to any and all things baby. This is where my lovely bride gets her "Nesting Fix" as I've come to think of it. She folds, re-folds, admires, coordinates, organizes and re-organizes all the STUFF in the closet to fulfill this primal urge.

With that context, Jaynah and I made a deal regarding STUFF. We have agreed that she can get one item for the baby whenever she ends up inside a store with said baby things. So far this has been mostly baby outfits (glorified doll clothes) that are very inexpensive and honestly really fun to look around and pick out. The problem becomes, we are T-Minus 2 1/2 months and counting until splashdown and the aptly named "baby closet" is nearly full of baby clothes. If you throw in a Saturday shopping with a future Grandmother or a shower sometime in the future, we might just get to critical mass.

Luckily, we'll know soon where we will end up. Two days in fact from now. Then either one of two things will happen:

A) Jaynah comes home, gets straight on her computer and makes a list of things for Andrew to get at Home Depot (or Lowe's now that Tony Stewart has moved on) to decorate the baby nursery in our current home.

B) Jaynah comes home, gets straight on her computer, looking at house listings online, contacting realtors, then making a list of things for Andrew to get at Home Depot (or Lowe's) to decorate the baby nursery on arrival to an unknown city.

Either way, something is going to give and give soon, and frankly right now as I sit at the VA Hospital awaiting the arrival of my next clinic patient, (at the VA everything is on computer so if you are on a computer, everyone assumes you are working on important stuff, which this is) it is really nice to know that right now:

- I have MATCHED

- I have a job as a Doctor (ahem..intern) starting July 1, somewhere

- After 12 months of that, my dream comes true when my career of Radiology begins, somewhere.

It is hard to wipe the smile off my face right now, and everytime I feel the little baby kick in Jaynah's belly, or Jaynah suddenly says, "Excuse me young lady, can we lay off the bladder, please?" the smile gets bigger and I thank God for getting me and my young family to this point. We are truly blessed, and pray for continued health and happiness in the months and years ahead.

I have some pictures and things to post later, but I felt it was time to get a post out there.