Monday, September 21, 2009

San Diego

Part of what made September so exciting for us was Andrew's week of vacation. We decided to cash in our miles and take a much-needed vacation. We narrowed it down to a few options and decided on San Diego because of the activities available and the fact that neither of us had been there. My mom happily agreed to keep Peyton and with Daisy boarded, we were off. We flew out on Saturday morning and stayed until late Wednesday night. We had such a great time...I'll let the pictures tell most of the story:

We landed, got our rental car, checked into the hotel, and headed straight to the beach for my first view of the Pacific.

We couldn't be in San Diego without visiting the zoo.

We saw lots of great animals and Andrew enjoyed reading/listening to EVERY single fact about each one :)

I was a good sport and also took a tour of the USS Midway with Andrew, the history buff. He had a great time and we learned some interesting stuff.

The ship had a great view of the bay area:

While walking around one day, we saw people on Segways being given a tour....we decided that would be an awesome way to see the city and ride Segways for the first time.

It was so much fun; we loved it! Of course, ever-cautious me had a slightly longer learning curve than the others, but once I got comfortable even I enjoyed it!

Andrew was brave enough to take pictures/video while riding the Segway, whereas I was just holding on tight!

We were a little disappointed with SeaWorld as a whole, but the Shamu show never disappoints...such beautiful creatures.

After enjoying breakfast and lunch (and lots of sweet tea!) at Matt's Chickfila in San Diego, we picked him up for a drive up the coast to visit new Californians Sean and Erin. We missed their going away party in Atlanta, so we had a little welcome party at Laguna Beach.

A new love of mine...the Pazookie!

The whole group:

Us enjoying the beach and the beautiful sunset

And finally, brunch at the Hash House before we left...recommended by Matt and good!

We had such a great time...thanks so much to Gran Jan for taking such good care of little Peyton while we were gone - we were counting down the days to get our hands on this little girl!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Andrew is done with the medical wards for a few months!! yay! He is doing an elective this month and will be doing different rotations from 8-12 each day and attending lecture from 4-5. With a week of vacation thrown in, this month promises to be one of the best of intern year. We are super excited. October and November won't be near as nice, but hopefully they won't be as bad as the past two months.

Even though her daddy hasn't been around as much as he would have liked, Peyton is still a Daddy's girl at heart. Here are a few pictures from a rainy day when Andrew got home early.

How precious are they?

She loves to stand up these days: no more cradling her in our arms :(

Holding tight!

Yes, he does

Mommy does too!