Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Andrew is done with the medical wards for a few months!! yay! He is doing an elective this month and will be doing different rotations from 8-12 each day and attending lecture from 4-5. With a week of vacation thrown in, this month promises to be one of the best of intern year. We are super excited. October and November won't be near as nice, but hopefully they won't be as bad as the past two months.

Even though her daddy hasn't been around as much as he would have liked, Peyton is still a Daddy's girl at heart. Here are a few pictures from a rainy day when Andrew got home early.

How precious are they?

She loves to stand up these days: no more cradling her in our arms :(

Holding tight!

Yes, he does

Mommy does too!


Becca said...

She is just too cute! :-) Your photography is getting so good too!

Andrew said...

Ha! Commenting from work! Love the post, love the shot with the bib.

Kelly said...

Awww... what is it about daddys with their little girls that is so precious?!

altmix said...

peyton=awesomebaby. man, i'm pumped for your week of vacation and i'm not even going!

Mimi said...

I`m glad there will be more family time and Daddy time. Just enjoy each other this week. Saw Buck Trent, the Platters and Andy Williams today. Tomorrow we head to Ozark , mo to buy me a wooden high chair like y`alls. then we see 2 shows tomorrow.