Wednesday, December 3, 2008

See you there


We haven't met yet, but we will. Complete strangers, yet we will become the best of friends I'm sure. It will be a friendship in evolution, day by day, year by year, but it will progress nonetheless. It will be very one sided at first, yet I know you aren't the selfish type. You won't speak to me for almost two years from now, but I know it isn't because you are cross with me. And don't worry about me becoming cross with you, I'll do my best to try and get you to speak from the second we meet and I'll be diligent until I get just one word. Believe me, when you finally consider me worthy of hearing a word from you, you might has well have written a Pulitzer prize winning piece, because the excitement will be on par with very few things I've experienced.

You will be an instant celebrity, so prepare yourself. People will be screaming over a glimpse of you, or the chance to touch you. Cameras will be constantly thrust in your face, with video rolling and flash bulbs cracking. Your legions of fans will post your picture on their blogs, show you to their envious friends and plaster their walls at home with your likeness. And I, your new best friend, will be a helpless fan doing all of the above, I hope you'll forgive me.

We'll do lots of fun things together, I have all sorts of plans:

1) Scuba dive
2) See the pyramids
3) Learn to sail
4) See a World Cup
5) Drive cross country with no itinerary
6) Ski in the Rockies
7) New York, New year's eve, at least once
8) Go into Space (Who knows)

There are certain things you must work on to prepare:

1) Breathing on one's own (this is essential for all future adventures)
2) Sleep, wake, sleep, wake, work towards at least 8 hours between transitions
3) Master finger foods
4) One foot down, shift weight, lift other foot, swing, other foot down, repeat
5) Learn to appreciate a good camera
6) Learn to appreciate anything with cinnamon
7) Lawnmower = friend
8) Work hard, then play hard (The Morgan Mantra)

This should get you started.

There is so much I want to ask you, tell you, teach you, hear your thoughts on. Don't be overwhelmed, we have plenty of time. I'll explain every step as we go, and keep you headed in the general right direction. For now, just rest, grow. Think to yourself over and over, "Two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose", focus youngling. There's plenty of time for the rest, just focus on the basics for now.

Let's see.....I'm going to pencil you in for, say....the next 60 years? My schedule is clear, you just let me know when and where, and I'll see you there.




Jamie said...

This made me cry!!!!!!!!!

Brody said...

that was quite beautiful...

and I'm wondering if you could spend some time like that with me...

katealtmix said...

*dabbing my eyes*

Jessica said...

i finally found you guys! i've been hearing you started blogging again. that was beautiful. thanks for sharing the exciting!

Suzanne said...

..annnd...i just teared up! you are going to be such a great dad!!