Monday, January 5, 2009

What's in a Name?

So the name, I said we'd talk about it more later. We thought we were golden. The sex of the baby wouldn't be a surprise but the grandparents would have their surprise when they met their new grandchild. It would make it even more special, we thought, if we thought of a good family name that might bring a tear to an eye or two. Everyone in our family loves a surprise, right? We already covered that.

Boy were we wrong.

Bordering on rage......only a slight exaggeration. Preface: We love everyone in our family and we are so fortunate to get along so well with all of our loved ones. We have pretty good communication with our loved ones as well. Again, fortunate. But man, did we blow this one.....

"It's a girl...."

"AHHHH!!!!! I'm so excited, a little girl, how cute!!! AHHHH!!!! Have you guys thought of any names yet?"

"We have some in mind, but we are gonna let the name be a surprise since everyone will know the sex."

......Abrupt record stop/screech sound......

"Do what? You aren't going to tell us the name? Are you kidding? I bet that was ______'s idea."

"Actually it wasn't his idea."

"But ________, you know the sex, you know what color to buy, that's really all you need, we want you to have some surprise!!!"

"But I want to know the name."

"Well, we're sorry we thought this would be something special for everyone to have one more little surprise."


Holy Moly. Names, places, and PHI have been left out to avoid repercussions, which I'm sure are imminent anyway, but this is the pregnancy from a Dad's perspective so hang with me.

We thought the storm would blow over, the brimstone would pass, wrong again. I guess I just can't wrap my mind around how important monogrammed things are for babies. Let me let you know right now, THEY ARE FREAKING IMPORTANT.

Setting: Baby shower for a friend of my lovely wife
Circumstances: Subtle hostility
Result: On the blog for other's educational benefit

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this monogrammed diaper bag, I absolutely love it!"

"Hey, ________ isn't that cute???"

"Yes, it is gorgeous, but too bad you won't be able to get one like that because you won't tell anyone the name."

"Oh wow, I love this monogrammed towel for the baby, it will be so cute at bathtime!"

"You know, you're only getting plain towels."

Ha ha, all in good fun, love joking around. But it starts to mount after about 200 or so references and reminders of how information is being with-held.

We caved, totally caved. Not at all worth it. The name wasn't a surprise for us, we knew the name. We were doing it for everyone else because we thought we had spoiled tradition and everyone's fun by finding out the sex. We thought we were doing a good thing.

It didn't turn out that way, and that is fine, we weren't upset at all, the whole thing was just comical because a) we totally misread the situation and b) because of the passion we encountered.

The moral of the story for any future first time parents:

1. If there is information to be had about the baby, you can bet loved ones will want it. ALL OF IT.
2. It isn't worth it to try and keep a surprise intact once they sniff blood in the water.

Below are some pics that I labeled up at the request of some readers. They are from the most recent 16 week Ultrasound that was in the last post. You can click on the pictures to enlarge and see the labels.

Scroll down past the pics below for the big reveal.........

Coronal Section of head and chest


Kickin back with feet crossed

Drumroll please....

We are going to name our baby girl.....

Peyton Anne Morgan

It struck our fancy, and pending the baby stays female we think will suit her very well.


Jaynah said...

I tend to call the last ultrasound pic "Walking all over mom!" Love you! and baby Peyton!

Brody & Trisha said...

Good 'ole PAM

Jamie said...

Love Peyton! So cute!

Suzanne said...