Monday, October 19, 2009

Mothers sleep lighter

Peyton and I made is home safely last night. Lots of blogging to catch up on, but I thought I would share a quick story with you.

I'm sure all mothers out there, especially the new ones, know that sleeping soundly through the night hardly happens anymore. At approximately 1:20am this morning, a loud beeping sounds throughout our house. I jump out of bed, yell "Andrew, FIRE" and proceed immediately to Peyton's room. I'm pretty sure I didn't breathe again until I got to her room and found her sleeping soundly in her crib. At that point I realized that the heat had come on for the first time and that yucky smell/smoke was in the air. Apparently the smoke detector had picked up on that. In the meantime, Andrew has stumbled out of bed and is walking around in a daze in his boxers. We make it back to bed and he promptly states..."man, I didn't know those baby monitors had built in fire alarms." WOW. I quickly explain that it was not the was our SMOKE DETECTORS. Geez. He falls quickly back asleep while I get up several more times to check on Peyton and allow my heart to reach a regular pace. It's a good thing he doesn't have to wake from slumber to treat patients...oh wait..what happens on call night?!?! I hope somewhere between his call room and the patients room, his head clears and he remembers how to run a code! :) All joking aside, I decided this is the origin of "mommy brain." We mothers never even make it to this deep sleep that seems like a thing of the past! All's well that ends fire and we now know the smoke detectors work which will make all the firemen in my family proud.


Becca said...

haha totally feel you on the not sleeping and mommy brain!

Kelly said...

So you're telling me the preggo brain just turns to mommy brain and you never get to be smart again?! :)

Mimi said...

I have not laughed so much in a long time. Great Story, Great Read.