Monday, November 17, 2008

The real beginning...

Rewind again...

Let's face it, we are planners. My wife and I are relatively motivated people with personalities that compliment eachother to keep us both moving forward and sane at the same time. To boot, we communicate well and having been together a total of 10 years this coming May, we know each other's wants, dreams, pet peeves, and the location of those all important "buttons" to push at opportune times for slight, however usually effective manipulation.

We had everything all planned out, or so we thought. We knew we wanted to have children, not right after marrying, we wanted to enjoy time just the two of us, and well the dog, Daisy. The number of children is kind of a running joke, myself two, Jaynah three, but I think when it comes down to it it doesn't really matter as long as the family is healthy and cohesive as a unit. The most important consideration was timing. With one of us working to support the family while the other has negative income and even less time as a student makes timing everything.

So we set a calendar and started trying at our specified time with an expectation to get pregnant by another specified time to put the birth at another perfect time for our plan. We weren't in a rush, but as the months went by with no positive test we had to re-think our plan and recognize that we are and have always been on God's timeline. With that humbling recognition we came closer together, communicated better, helped eachother through the questions we both had and the apprehension of the thought that it might never happen.

We did what planners do, analyzed the problem, researched solutions, spoke with the doctor and moved forward with our plan. Thank goodness we had several months to get used to the idea of the issues we were facing because right in the middle of this was when the quiet looks and off-hand comments became an all out "Baby Watch".

God's timeline.

We were prepared for these questions having talked about whether to make these issues known once they were asked. We decided to keep our loop closed, circle tight and just smile and nod to interested family and friends. No pressure.

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