Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long overdue

I was doing good there for a few minutes then kind of fell off again. Lots of photos so let's get going.

First one is 2 weeks late, we are taking the 34 week picture tonight.

Still glowing at 32 weeks:

Jaynah getting used to the video camera during our photo shoot:

Jaynah's co-workers threw her an excellent shower a few weeks ago:

The HealthSouth crew: Thanks so much

A group of old friends also threw Jaynah a shower at Callaway Gardens last weekend:

Our hosts: The Grahams

Jaynah's little bro, Chandler, watch out ladies.

The awesome Hills and my long lost Best Man, CKIII.

The tower of presents was impressive, but as Leslie's husband the engineer put it, "It isn't structurally sound..."

Can you feel the excitement? The fear is palpable.

Jaynah's cousins and their assortment of kids.

Great to see my buddy from MCG Jonas and his fia...girlfriend Heather. He's a Blue Devil now.

Great to see UGA friends Jen, Jess and Erin.

My boys:

These girls shared pacifiers I'm pretty sure.

My Dad also happened upon some tickets to this year's Masters practice round. After 4 years here, I'd driven by the National every morning but had never been inside.  My Dad had also never been while he was here so we were looking forward to it.  You aren't allowed to bring cameras in on tournament days so I was actually pumped that we were going on a practice round day.  I shot in RAW all day and have been working on the images as I've had time, really having fun with it.

Scoreboard w/ flags of all of the countries represented in this year's field.

The 10th green, a beautiful hole.

Jaynah was tiring out with all the walking so as soon as I got my Tiger fix, we headed out.

Tired, but still smiling for a portrait on the way out.  She was more excited about her "lady-fit" hat than anything I think.
More Masters pics here, link is also on the right side for future visits.

Since it has been so long I had some catching up to do, and if you have made it through this whole post, then you DESERVE something special.

How 'bout a preview:

Hope you have a great one, yard sale this weekend, should be interesting.

Work Hard, Play Hard.


Jessica said...

It was so great to see you guys last weekend! Jaynah needs to start blogging because I KNOW she would not tease us with one picture of the nursery...the nerve :)

free2klim said...

Great pictures all around! I am sorry that we didn't get to see you guys at the shower. I had to work and hated to miss it. Hope to see you soon!