Sunday, March 29, 2009

4D Ultrasound

So this is turning out to be the most photographed baby in the world.  Well some of you expected that already, but not before the little thing was even born!  It turns out that we've been having weekly Ultrasound check-ups, called Biophysical profiles (BPP's) for the past few weeks to monitor growth, movements, etc.  

This has been done just as a precaution because of the way the babie's umbilical cord inserts into the placenta.  I tried to search for a decent diagram but all that came up was post partum gross pathology pictures of the placenta that most would not enjoy looking at.  Everything has gone fine to this point but as the baby gets larger and larger, our doctors have just wanted to keep an eye to make sure she keeps an adequate blood supply and keeps growing as she should.  

With that, we got some new 4D pictures of the face at our most recent visit :

31 weeks


In other news, I am done with Medical school.  I had my last clinic on Friday morning and now I have a glorious three months until I begin the trials of internship.  It was interesting to tell my last patient in clinic that she would be the last patient I saw with my short white coat (as a student).  She failed to grasp the gravity of the moment, but was sweet and said "Hun, as long as you know what you are talking about and can refill my medicines you can wear whatever you want."

Lastly, my class ring for medical school came in last week.  Many years ago,  I got a high school class ring and ended up regretting it because I never wore it after I graduated.  I mean who wears a high school ring at college?? No one!

I didn't get a college ring....and funny enough ended up regretting that.  I will be proud to be a Bulldog until my dying day, and I've seen some rings from there that are really nice looking that I'd be proud to wear with a suit any day.

Well there was no doubt I was getting a medical school class ring, mainly because the rings at MCG are freaking sweet.  They have had the same custom class ring for about 100 years or something crazy like that and the most prominent design guess it, the skull and crossbones:

Makeshift macro with the trusty 50/1.8  ...almost has a Lensbaby type feel to it:

A little further out:

A cool thing is, my dad has this exact same ring, except on the other side it says '84 and his is 10K gold so it has the yellow tinge.  

I'm enjoying it so far.

Tomorrow, going to Florida fishing with my brother and Grandfather for a few days if the weather will hold out.

Playing hard...


April said...

We have the same motto: Work hard. Play hard. I LOVE it. :) Sweet ring. Enjoy your time off. Can't wait to meet that baby on the outside....

Suzy said...

Man, that IS a sweet ring. I never wore my high school ring either after I graduated. Then again, I can't wear rings much at all because of my work.

Claudia said...
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Claudia said...

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