Friday, March 20, 2009

Lily Menagerie

It happened to me.  I'd say for the past maybe year or so, I've had a real photographic block. You might have noticed that my other blog has been all but abandoned and I've done no recent weddings, or posted any other real photos in quite some time. Honestly, this blog has been mostly prose with just a few ultrasounds sprinkled throughout.  Any of the other photos you've seen posted here have been pretty much the only photos I've taken.

Sure, I've been busy finishing up school, working, traveling for interviews, etc., but deep down I've known that it's been more than that.  I've had a mental block of some sort, and I can't really describe it more than to add that even when I've had time off and have been relaxing, I just haven't had the urge to grab the camera to take with me as much as I normally would.  

Call it coincidence that today (the day after the Match is off my shoulders) I got home and didn't check my email, did not pass go, did not collect $200.  I went straight to my office.... grabbed the camera..... grabbed the trusty 50mm f 1.8.... checked the battery....'good it's only half dead'.... and went out shooting.  

I decided to focus on our menagerie of Asiatic Lillies that we've been enjoying so much lately and had a few things in mind I wanted to do. I played with several different lighting settings (full sun, shaded with my white umbrella, backlighting, and softer evening light) and decided to shoot most of the pictures in RAW format (something I've dabbled with off and on but this year made it a resolution to convert).  I played/processed the images in Lightroom (where I've been building a preset library, thanks for the tip, Matt) and decided to post a few here to break up the monotony of this constant babbling on about the baby.   

Just kidding dear.  Enjoy

I'm back.

Work Hard, Play Hard.


Jaynah said...

Your wife has such a green thumb! You are so lucky to have such beautiful flowers to photograph!! ;)

free2klim said...

Nice photos, man! I also saw the pictures of you guys on Matt's site, and they look great!