Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Timeline Gaps filled

Our first home movie 20 weeks:

Peyton's first portrait 24 weeks:

Lovely at 28 weeks:

Family Portraits 29 weeks:

We were so happy with our photo session shot by our close friends over at altmix photography .

You can see more of our shots on their blog and you should also check out the slideshow .

On a side note, I loved the latest post by another close friend and a genuine Southern Belle

My six word story:   Tomorrow we will know the future.

The 4 word Mantra:  Work hard, play hard.


Jamie said...

love it. :) i really enjoyed your altmix photos - so many great ones! peyton is lucky to have such amazing, photogenic parents!

April said...

Praying for you guys....can't wait to hear!

Becca said...

All your pictures by Matt & Kate are fantastic :-) I'm excited for y'all - having a little one definitely changes everything (in a totally good way) :-)