Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hayes Maternity Shoot


I've briefly mentioned before that one of my New Year's resolutions was to start shooting my pictures RAW and dive into post-processing.  Considering how long I've loved photography, I have no idea why it took this long.  Needless to say, like any new skill starting out was a challenge. Oh yeah, that is why it took this long; whenever I got inspiration to convert, I quickly got frustrated and immediately went back to my JPEG loving ways.

My lovely wife bought me a great RAW processing program (Adobe Lightroom) that sat almost untouched for a year.  Sorry honey, but med school might have contributed to that as well. 

So this was the year, since Jan 1 I've gradually been increasing my reliance on RAW and really delving into Lightroom.  The learning curve has been steep, but finally, I'm getting to the point where I feel comfortable, nay, enjoy working with RAW photos and finally see what all the hububb (sp?) is about.  Literally a whole new world of photography has opened up.

This new found excitement, and free time coincided well with an email I got from an old friend who lives locally in Augusta.  Coincidentally she is pregnant, and had wanted to have some pictures taken to remember this special time.  I was happy for the opportunity and we had a great time with Jennifer and Barrett shooting in downtown Augusta.

Barrett is a lifelong Augustan, and Jennifer a true Southern Belle from none other than Thomaston, GA.  We met one weekday afternoon after everyone got off work and had a beautiful Spring afternoon for Jaynah and Jennifer to compare notes on pregnancy, and Barrett and I to commisserate about how we know there is no way we, mere males, have a clue what is coming.

In front of the Old Medical College, home of MCG starting in the 1820's.

This was some type of bell tower that had once been on top of a building somewhere, but was now planted in front of a museum.

I'm a sucker for old growth trees, you can ask Jaynah.

There's a baby in there.

The Presbyterian Church has some beautiful grounds that we really enjoyed exploring.

We found this fantastic brick wall downtown right after we got some pictures with the King of Soul, James Brown (bronzed)

The Riverwalk seemed like a perfect place to end with our last bit of light.  When Andrew has to start cranking up the ISO, it is time to call it a wrap!

You can look at  the rest of the images and slideshow of these two glowing parents-to-be by clicking the link below.  

Hayes Maternity

Thank you so much, Jennifer and Barrett, for letting me be a part of this milestone.  Jaynah and I had a fantastic time.

More posts coming....I graduated, Jaynah is 38 weeks, the lost Savannah adventure, and next Tuesday we are scheduled for induction.

Living the dream.

Andrew E. Morgan M.D.


Jamie said...

these are SO great, andrew morgan m.d. you're so talented!!

April said...

Congrats Dr. Morgan. :) You need to update the profile on the side. :) YAY!!! Baby Peyton will be here soon!

altmix said...

DUDE, these look killer!!!