Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Video extravaganza

Well, Peyton is one week old today and we've had a great week at that.  We've been home about 4 days and every night has gotten a little bit better.  Peyton is feeding really well (breast) and now that she is getting good meals, she sleeps really well between feeds.  

I'm gonna post some pictures soon, but I wanted to share these two videos which I really enjoyed this week.

The first is a clip I shot about 5 minutes after Peyton was born.  Jaynah had the C-section and after the baby was born, I had to accompany the nurse to the recovery room so that she could get the baby all cleaned up, put a tag on the baby, a tag on me so there would be no switch-a-roo, as well as get the baby's weight and measurements, etc.    The cool thing was that someone had taken all the stuff the nurse needed out of the recovery room and so while she went and gathered everything, Peyton and I had several minutes, just to ourselves, to get introduced.

*I had been up for over 36 hours straight and so my days were confused.  Peyton was born on 5/20/09.

Next, my brother had been following Twitter since we'd gotten to the hospital, and decided that I needed some support since we hadn't made it to the "birthing class" prior to Peyton's arrival.  He put together 3 videos of tips for a successful delivery and sent them to my phone.  Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen besides SNL's DIAB, and ML.

Thanks brother.  He and his wife also totally surprised us showing up to the hospital right after the baby was born.  He'd originally fed me lies about he had to work yada, yada, which was totally fine, however we were so excited to see them.

More to come, hope everyone is well, and thank you again for all of your love, gifts, support, prayers, and encouragement, not only during the birth, but throughout the whole pregnancy.


Loving it.



Jamie said...

Andrew, this is one of the most precious things I've ever seen. You are going to be such a great dad!

Jessica said...

Crying turned to hysterical laughing...I LOVED every second of this post!! I agree with Jamie, you're going to be such a great dad!

Becca said...

I cannot even stand how sweet the first video - it totally brought tears to my eyes remembering those first moments . . . treasure it because it goes SO fast!!

Ashley said...

Andrew, for the record Ben and Brittney were so excited... Brittney sent me a text message the minute they found out that little Peyton was here "I HAVE A NEW NIECE!!!" was the exact message I believe:) Congrats to you and Jaynah!!!

benjamin said...

truly the first video in great sweet and a moment to cherish but that second video wow what a handsome devil he should really do more birthing classes i cant wait for his tech your kid how to ride a bike class totally gonna knock my socks off what excellent phone camera photography Spielberg and SNL aint got nothing on him

katealtmix said...

'i got cut off.' x2 made my day. we just laughed SO HARD at 'ben's birthing tips,' wow.

also, the first video is precious, peyton is so lucky to be your little girl. can't wait to meet her!

The Bartons said...

hey andrew! thanks for the encouragement- it's been a crazy path traveled thus far- and this year will only bring more adventures! We're definately so blessed for the opportunities though and love where God has put us- we know we are where we need to be!
Congrads to you as well- we were actually at your graduation and I saw/said hi to Jaynah! My sister in law graduated from OT school (she'll officially be done in July).
Anyways- Peyton is precious. Good luck as you start residency! Craziness! :)