Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick update

Quick update to share some pics and video with you.

Check out our awesome pics from Altmix Photography by clicking here!

And a new video of sweetie pie Peyton

Andrew had to work Thanksgiving night so we cooked ourselves a little Thanksgiving meal that day and headed home to be with family when he got off on Friday.

Our little Thanksgiving meal

The food

Everyone seems to think Peyton is really starting to look like her Daddy...what do you think? ;)

More later....Andrew's finally off night shifts and working 8-5 for about 2 weeks so we are enjoying spending a little more family time together :)


brittanydyan said...

cute video:)

Kelly said...

Every time I see pics of Peyton, I'm trying to decide which one of you she looks like. Can't decide! She's a perfect little blend. :) I loved the video!