Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Little Things

Jaynah is working today and I'm home with the baby, trying to get some studying done between her naps and quiet times.  Even though I haven't gotten too much productive done, we've had a great day.  

The clip below just amazed me, thought I'd share.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Merry Christmas.



Mimi said...

She is doing so well. It will not be anytime till she is walking. Enjoy every day.

The Bartons said...

Hey Jaynah! Thanks so much for your advice! I'm truely stumped. Cuz I feel like it's a great deal for both bases plus the Britax and then a snap and go....but a lot of comments have said to do the Chicco! urgh. I figure I'd rather get a jogging stroller and so i could have the snap/go/britax and then the jog stroller and that should be good?? whatcha think? tryin to be cost conscious cuz i don't know if i'll have any showers, etc. since we haven't lived here long plus with family i'd rather get a crib, etc. that i know we can't afford :) hehe
any other suggestions would be great if you have the time- just email me.......from crib suggestions to breast pumps, etc. i'd love any and all help! :) plus- are you working at all right now? i'm having a hard time deciding on what i'll want to do- it'll be a little different b/c i'll be having the baby right when residency starts- and we'll prob. be in a new town, etc. so i'd hate to just throw baby in to a childcare that i don't really know- so i'm thinkin i'd rather get to know the area and just financially struggle a bit and stay home and then maybe as time goes work part time or PRN as i'm able to find a babysitter so i can interview/get a job, etc. how have you guys done it?
thanks so much!

katealtmix said...

i'm loving the signature A,MD totally along the same lines of 007 in my opinion.

ALSO, peyton is pretty much perfection! cant wait to see her again!

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