Friday, January 22, 2010

8 months

I'll spare you the "I'm sorry for not keeping up the blog." Truthfully, I've been crazy busy. Between managing Peyton full-time, trying to get this house in order to be listed, looking for homes in Birmingham, traveling for continuing ed and work requirements, and trying to keep mine and Andrew's spirits up during what has become a 4 week stretch of 18+ hour work days at the hospital, I just am plum tired! But knowing that I will regret not doing more updates of Peyton and her recent we go.

She has changed so much over the past two months. She is mobile now and boy is she tough to keep up with. She is still sleeping really well and her daytime naps are my few hours to catch up on laundry, cleaning, etc. Now that she can crawl wherever she wants, she will play until she gets tired and then come find me wherever I am. It is so cute to look up from whatever chore I am doing and see her little face smiling back at me. She loves eating yogurt now and she is getting very good at feeding herself puffs and yogurt bites. She would much rather have good food rather than boring old milk so I have to try hard to get her to drink up! She is still drinking from all sippy cups which has made my dish washing much easier! She also has her first tooth coming in! So exciting...we thought she was going to be toothless forever :) I'm going to do the rest in bullet style because let's be honest....I wrote this days ago and quit when I just wasn't feeling it....

*Peyton loves her new ducky tub. She will sit in there, splash her feet and play with her toys. She is super cute when she tries to "save" all her toys from the water..she can't hold them all but she sure tries!

*She loves her paci and has a recent habit of falling asleep with one in her mouth and holding another for safe measure

*She is still sleeping really well and as of the past few weeks, will actually fall asleep when I put her down without much crying. Frees up a little more time for mom :)

*She loves to squeal! Everywhere! She especially likes to do this in stores/restaurants when she sees other babies...I guess she is going to be social?

*She looks like her daddy more and more every stinkin day! People say she looks like me, but only the ones who don't know Andrew. I am trying to come to terms with this. I mean, I did carry her for 9 months have have her cut out of my stomach....:)

*Daisy loves this new stage of Peyton trying to feed herself finger foods....and it does save me a little sweeping ;)

*She can now crawl, pull up, and is starting to walk behind her push toys...which means I am burning a lot of extra calories trying to keep up with her.

*She is also very type-A...again, totally her daddy. She knows what she wants and if she can't have out! And, the frustration....goodness! Oh well, maybe the next kid will take after me!

*That's probably enough for now...and I've got to get some actual important things checked off my list today!

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Becca said...

She sounds just like Jayci on that last one! :-)