Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our next move

Since last March, on Match Day, we have been eagerly awaiting the time where we would start making concrete plans to move to Birmingham for Andrew’s Radiology residency. This intern year of General Medicine has been HARD and one of the few things that kept us going was knowing that UAB had a spot waiting for us and this year would end and Birmingham would hold new beginnings.

We started looking at houses seriously at the end of 2009. We went for our first trip after Christmas and left disappointed, discovering that it was going to be much harder to find a house we loved and would fit in that was also in our price range. I have scoured internet listings almost daily and went back for trip #2 with Andrew’s mom in February. Again, we left really discouraged about our findings and hit the internet listings hard. Andrew had a week of vacation in early March and we knew this would be our best chance to find a house and get things settled with both of us involved. We contacted our Realtor and set up showings of near 40 houses. This time we had expanded our location radius and bumped up our price point a little....fortunately we started seeing some houses we could see ourselves living in. At the end of the first day, we had narrowed down our choices to two houses we loved and could see ourselves living in. After dinner and lots of “talking it over,” we decided on one in Hoover, AL based on it’s full brick construction, fantastic location with great schools/shopping, and proximity to Andrew’s work. We went back the next morning for the last look over, took lots of video and pictures, and wrote up an offer. We headed back to Thomaston to enjoy the rest of the week and prayed that it would all work out. Late Tuesday night, we sat in my living room playing phone tag with our Realtor, trying to negotiate a price. At midnight, we were emailing signed contracts and went to bed knowing we had a great house in a great location at a fair price. We couldn’t feel more blessed.

Here are a few pictures we took:

This is the view from the outside. The house sits up on a hill and covers three lots to make up a nice sized corner lot. The driveway starts on one street and curves up and around to exit on the side street.

Front entrance. We absolutely love the beautiful wooden door.

View of living room from front door with dining room at far side.

Living room with large window looking across the street.

Dining room connecting living room and kitchen.

Beautifully re-done kitchen. I would have never chosen the wall colors, but absolutely love them.

This is the den that is connected to the kitchen. I envision this being Peyton’s play area as well as our less formal living area.

Den, again, with beautiful sliding glass doors that look out onto the patio and backyard.

Hall bath that has been completely renovated. This bath has a tub/shower combo with new tiles.

Looking out of hall bath into guest room.

Guest room.

Master. A little smaller than we are used to, but the beautiful hardwoods make up for it :)

Master with master bath.

Master bath, completely renovated as well with new tiled shower.

Office. I didn’t get a great picture of this room, but this will be Peyton’s room after a new coat of paint. It is across from the Master at the end of the hallway.


Shed for all of Andrew’s yard things ;)

Back patio perfect for grilling

We are super excited and can’t wait to have keys in hand. Please pray for a easy closing (end of April/early May). Next task....a job for me and daycare for Peyton!


Kelly said...

So exciting!! Congrats on getting a deal on such a great house. There's so much to love there - the gorgeous floors, beautiful kitchen, fantastic patio with those big doors to let in lots of light... it looks beautiful! Can't wait to see pics after you're all moved in!

Courtney said...

Love it! Glad Peyton learned to crawl before you moved in with those BEAUTIFUL floors :)!!

Jamie said...

Congratulations y'all! It's adorable!

The Bartons said...

YAY! :) love it. so jealous! i want to snap my fingers and have everything done and picked out for me :) hehe

brittanydyan said...

Congrats on the house! And, love the hardwood floors!

Jessica said...

I love it!! Congrats guys!

Mimi said...

A great place to start your final work years toward achieving your dreams as a family. You are blessed.Jaynah the perfect Job will present itself. I have no paying job...I`d be delighted to run on over and do the Horrible, Painful Peyton Anne duty until u find the right daycare situation.
So happy for You both. So extremely proud of you and how u handle your lives!

altmix said...

way to go guys! can't wait to visit ;)

Leslie said...

Congratulations! Love the floors! When I saw this it made me think of a blog I follow: It is a young couple in Richmond, VA that bought a brick ranch similar to this and the blog details the things they do to make it their own. Good luck with the move and the job hunt!