Monday, July 13, 2009


Not a lot to update you on this post so it will be mostly pictures (of Peyton, how did you guess?!?). Andrew has started work and it is pretty hardcore as both of us anticipated. He leaves early in the mornings (6ish) and gets home late at night (9ish on average) most nights. He gets one day off each week (usually a random day, not a Sat/Sun like normal people) and we spend that day just enjoying our whole family being here. Peyton and I are getting a schedule down and I have been able to fit a shower in most days ;) We are trying hard to cook dinner as well and are making progress there too. There are definitely still days that require Andrew to grab fast food on the way home from work, but that will probably be a trend for awhile. I love to cook, but doing it with a baby who only allows me 15 minute intervals is quite challenging. And the cleaning up, I can always do without. Ok, enough's the pictures.

Andrew will probably kill me for this one, but this is what he looks like after being at the hospital from 6am on Friday to 2pm on Saturday :)

The rest are of you guessed it Peyton! Who can blame me when she is so freaking cute?!?! This is her newest outfit from BabyGap (my favorite!) and the pants are capris! how adorable!

Hanging out in the nursery: in her crib

Isn't that a pretty face?!!?

In my favorite rocker

Pretty pose. Already working on her modeling skills :)

Enjoying her bouncy seat

And, finally one of her cute smiles!

Does life get better than that?!!? I think not.

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