Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6 weeks

So, my sweet baby girl is 6 weeks old today. It seems like just yesterday I was nine months pregnant eagerly awaiting her arrival. She is growing like crazy and a part of me just wants to scream "slow down!" Yet, I know that this is how life goes and I just try to hold on to every detail of these sweet moments. Peyton will now look straight at us as if she knows exactly who mommy and daddy are and at occasional glorious moments, she will break into a full face smile in response to whatever crazy antics we can come up with. She is a sweet baby and has been the equivalent of a world traveler for her first 6 weeks. We have made multiple trips to our hometown to visit with family and several trips to the lakehouse to enjoy the summer weather. She has done long as we plan driving around her feedings, she does great in the car. She and I are slowly adjusting to not having Andrew around as much; I have taken over the night feedings so that he can get a good night's rest before handling peoples' lives (yes, the world has me to thank ;). We are also learning to become quick "day buddies." 

Her schedule is now pretty much eating around 9:30pm and sleeping until 2-3am which gives mommy an hour or so to get things ready for the next day and then several hours of sleep at a time. Peyton is like her mommy in that she is not a morning person. After her 5-6am feeding, she is perfectly fine with crawling (ok, being placed) in the bed beside mommy and sleeping until the 8-9am feeding. She doesn't usually nap much during the morning so a lot of our time is spent together in the rocker! In the afternoons, Peyton will take a nice long nap in the swing and mommy can get things done or we run errands which she is great at :) When she is completely content, she will just stare up at us and coo...Andrew likes to call her his "gossip girl".

So, there is Peyton's six week update. We are going to try to do video clips every 4 weeks, but I know it will be nice to have these details written down for future enjoyment (sorry if it is boring for you readers). The creative writer has a new job (and it's a paying gig...woohoo!). I won't be returning to work full-time; if I work at all it will be 1-2 days a week so I am looking forward to spending these sweet years with Peyton. 

Andrew started work today as Dr. Andrew Morgan so say a quick prayer that all goes well and hopefully the day won't unravel as MCG days are famous for ;) 

I'll leave you with a few photos from the past few weeks to reward you for reading this boring post!

Father's Day at the lake

My cute little bathing suit (just for fun...she didn't actually get in; maybe next year!)

Cuddling with mommy :)

Cuddling with daddy (they were both not into this photo shoot...can you tell!?!)

Cute even when I'm fussing

Greenjackets game with Andrew's new co-workers

Sweet Peyton

I made Andrew pose for his first day of medical school so of course I had to have his first day as a real doctor too!

Disclaimer for all photos: I'm sure I have not edited them correctly so please blame me, not my dear husband, for poor photo quality! Until next time.....

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Jessica said...

That picture of her at the game with Andrew really shows how tiny she is!! She is so precious, Jaynah :)