Friday, July 17, 2009


As mentioned in previous posts, Andrew is extremely busy these days. Besides being the resident blogger around here, he is also the photographer. He has taken some really nice pictures of Peyton, but he hasn't had time to sit down and give them the editing that they deserve and require to print, post, etc. Along with that, I have neglected to nail down our friends Matt & Kate to take some of their awesome photos of our family (don't worry, this WILL happen). We are so in love with our Maternity Pics from these guys, we won't let Peyton get past her first year without some Altmix love :) With all that said, I wanted some nice pics of Peyton and I knew the grandmothers would love me to show up with hundreds of prints for them to choose from. So....I bit the bullet and chose a cute outfit, took her to one of those mall places, and ta-da.....we have billions of pictures of our little pumpkin. She did great...she has lots of practice as a print model courtesy of dad and I think the photos turned out great for what they were. So, here ya go - little miss priss!!

Look at those pouty lips...she gets those from mom :)

You know that's cute!!

"Mommy, don't drop me!!"

And, after my wardrobe change ;)

It's Friday night, I'm up late with a sleepless little girl letting the swing put her to sleep. Andrew's expecting a short day tomorrow, so maybe the next post will be about the fun things we got into over the weekend.

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Becca said...

oh my word. she is too cute! :-) I love that first little outfit and hat - adorable!