Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Look

Since I am now the "blog master," I decided the blog needed to be somewhat more visually appealing. I am still tinkering around with it and have to redo the picture at the top, but this is nice for now I think.

The posts have been few and far between lately because Peyton and I have been doing a lot of traveling. Andrew was finishing up his first rotation and pulling some major long days/nights along with some overnights and Peyton was not letting me get much rest so we went to T-town for a little while to get some help from the grandmothers :) While we were there we stayed busy attending an old friend's baby shower, my mom's retirement reception (yep, she's a retired Grandmother! She's heading to nursing school in a few weeks), a family wedding, several birthday celebrations, and lunch with my best friend. Never a dull moment with this mama and baby!

For a couple of weeks, I was having a really hard time getting Peyton on any type of schedule. It kind of blew my mind because up until then she had been doing so well! But she had a mind of her own and it did not include sleep for mom! Thankfully, we are on the upswing now and after a few helpful hints from the doc and some rest at home courtesy of "Gran Jan" we have had several really good days at home. Peyton's naps have become longer which allows me time to do the all important things like eating, going to the bathroom, and preparing the next bottle. On glorious occasions when all these things get done, I might do a load of laundry or think about dinner ;)

My little girl is 11 weeks old today and I'm already seeing how fast she is growing up. Last week she weighed 12lbs 10ozs and was in the 90% for weight. After laughing at my face, the doctor assured me this was completely normal for breastfed babies. Phew! She's smiling so much now and starting to laugh every now and then. She absolutely loves watching tv (she gets this from dad) and don't worry...I make her watch educational shows! The other night she was watching her favorite show Caillou on PBS and Andrew made the mistake of trying to change the channel....he learned his lesson fast! You think I kid, but just come see for yourself. When I don't have my child parked in front of the tv (come on people, I promise it is no more than 30 mins a day :), she loves tummy time or sitting in her bumbo while I read to her. She has also really started enjoying bath time so we try and do that as often as possible. We also usually have at least one outing a day to keep mom from going crazy; I'm trying hard to make these normal errands or just walks around the neighborhood instead of heading straight to the mall (which will send me straight back to a full-time job if I don't watch out ;).

Here's some pictures for your enjoyment:

Peyton and I before Stephanie's baby shower

Bath time! Look at that chubby tummy!

Just chillin at Mimzy and Pop-pop's

Pop-pop likes when I am awake and smiling :)

Naptime! Daddy and his girls

Daisy wants in on the Bumbo action

"Uncle" Cal gets to meet Peyton when he leaves NYC to make it to Brooke's wedding

A little blurry, but look at those eyes! She's always on the go so I think I am going to have to get out the big guns camera to keep up with her!

Until next time.....


Jamie said...

Love the new design Jaynah!

Kirsten Hodges said...

looks awesome! great new posts as well! i can't believe Peyton is 11 weeks old! i love the new pics!

Courtney said...

I love this new design. You will have to coach me so I can give ours a little more flair as well.