Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend Off

During intern year, having an entire weekend off is like winning the lottery. On this rotation, Andrew gets 2 weekends off which is so nice; unforunately these are his only days off so he has to work for 2 straight weeks between them. This past weekend was his first break longer than 24 hours, so we headed to Thomaston to let our families reunite with Andrew. haha. They almost didn't recognize him I'm pretty sure. We drove in late Friday night and spend most of the day Saturday hanging around the farm and checking out the latest addition, an apartment above the barn. That's pretty cool huh? We took a break to run over to Gran Jan's to swim and Peyton actually got in the water this time. She spent most of her time on mine or Andrew's shoulder but she seemed to not mind it. Unforunately, I manned the video camera and Andrew had the still camera so all the pictures are of me and Peyton. Oh well, one day when I figure out how to get our videos off the camera for startes and into some type of viewable format and onto this website...you can see Andrew and Peyton swimming. Until then, it's just me...sorry.

"I'm Tired!"

This is how Peyton spent the rest of the swim...doesn't she look comfy?"

When Peyton and I are home, I try hard to take lots of pictures because it seems like she changes daily lately. These are just a few I snapped recently.

She loves to laugh

But she can be serious too.

I took this one because I realized she was getting as long as the changing table. This next one was taken days after she was born...not exactly the same view, but still a huge difference.

When she's happy, she loves to just lay and talk to you.

Peyton will be 12 wks tomorrow (wed) and she is just growing beyond my wildest expectations. Yesterday we went shopping with my mom and put her in stroller without her infant seat...she loved being able to see what was going on and she talked to us the whole time. I'll leave you with this cute face....so sweet!

On a side note, I decided at the last minute to hang out with my mom this week while Andrew works and we left Peyton with my mom overnight so that she didn't have to endure six hours in the car as I took Andrew back to Augusta. It was so hard to leave her, even knowing she was in great hands, but it was great practice for our trip next month...Andrew has a week off and we are headed to San Diego!! Plane tickets booked and we are excited!


Andrew said...

My wife is doing an incredible job, both as a mother and keeping this blog up. The pictures she is capturing make me as a photographer so proud because I couldn't ask for much more.

Becca said...

She is so beautiful!! I'll tell you what, it ALL goes fast - I cant believe mine is almost one!